The Perfect Baby Shower

Welcoming your little girl/boy into this world is something to be celebrated! Don’t settle for less when it comes to the celebration of your newest family member. Allow your friends and family to shower you with their love in preparation for your big day! Baby showers can be very simple to plan and execute with the right ideas and preparation!

Get a design/ theme
Talk to a coordinator and designer to get an idea of what would be a good theme to adorn your event. Big or small attention to detail is important! A central theme will determine your games, color, and sometimes even food!

The best part, food! Is your baby shower overflowing with little guests? Sometimes its best to keep their interest in mind, after all a happy kid is a happy parent and you want your guests to have a good time and want to stay! Its important to think about them when selecting your food options, the best way to go about it is adding a small kids station of finger foods and simpler tastes.

Time to get creative! Your planner will have a list of ideas and options of activities and ice breakers for your guests that don’t involve cheesy outdated games. Think outside of the box and think about the crowd of people you have coming, how crazy or quiet is your crowd?