Trends to Watch Out For This Spring 2017

Spring is here! Are you in know of what is trendy for your guests? Take a peek at what we've noticed is trending among our brides and get your imagination flowing with ideas!

1.Edison bulbs and chandeliers
Bride and grooms of the spring 2017 are beginning to take advantage of the vertical space they have in these beautiful outdoor venues. It’s time to make an entrance with taller and delicate décor. Chandeliers, teardrops of jewels, and Edison bulbs with small succulents adorning them are being added to curtains and draping to add a taller and elegant scene to your event. Brainstorm with your planner to take advantage of all your space up, down and all around with dangling decor, after all spring has sprung!

2. Late night snacks
Late April nights with beautiful weather and your guests are dancing the night away under the stars getting caught up and losing track of time. What’s better than that? Well where there’s dancing there tends to be a bit of an appetite. Late night food bars are a HIT this spring of 2017 and can be done without busting you budget. Mac n cheese bars, mashed potato station, smores stations, and nacho bar can woo your guests and make sure they go home filled to the brim with yummy snacks and replace the chips and dip or finger sandwiches that we left in 2016.

3. What’s old is new again
Spring might just be the trendiest season of the year, allowing your floral expertise to blossom. Picking flowers and décor is fun, yes, however what’s even more fun? Custom spring drinks. This spring a trending topic of choice is hands on stations for your guests to customize specialty drinks and get them experimenting. These stations would have a bartender serving the basic drink of choice and allow the guest to add their own custom touches. For example, a Moscow mule bar with tin mugs. The server prepares the Moscow mule and allows the guest to add rosemary, sage, lavender or limes, with an option of different flavored ice cubes and frozen fruit. Same goes for sangria stations! Bottoms up!