Trends to Watch Out For This Winter 2018

Winter is upon us! There is nothing like a wedding celebration to get your friends and family out of the winter haze. Do you know what's in style for this wedding season? Take a peek at what we've noticed is trending among our brides and get your imagination flowing with ideas!

1.Ceremony: Wood based decor
Bride and grooms of the winter 2018 are beginning to emit a cozy vibe in their wintery wonderland. Wooden accents and stone are being used in ceremonies for a classic cozy cabin look. Distressed wooden barrels adorning a cocktail hour rather than high tops can give this cozy feel with a classy look. Smooth river stones of grays and browns can nicely line the aisle way complemented by candles all around. Rustic wooden shabby chic panels can be used to adorn your head table and rustic twigs used to cover the archway towering over the newlywed couple above, all adorned with accents of floral and berries. Brainstorm with your planner to take advantage of all this cozy time of year has to offer!

2. White Floral & Crystals
Whats a winter wonderland without white flurries? Flurries of roses, hydrangeas, peonies and baby's breath. White floral arrangements are elegant and classic, all the while tying into the icy feel of a winter wedding. Guests would look up from their tables to see a towering glass vase in front of them topped with an arrangement of silky smooth white florals dripping in crystal adornments. If you prefer a more subtle and warm look. consider adding berries to your pieces with a lower cylinder. This winter of 2018 has brought in lots of icy finishes such as crystals hanging delicately on all sorts of decor.

3. White birch branches
Spring might just be the most elegant season of the year, allowing your guests to be wowed by veils of white elegance. Tall white birch branches can be an elegant and economical alternative to flowers. These tall branches give a feel of a dazzling whimsical winter forest. Tall and elegant yet not too bold.

4. Fur Wraps
Stay warm this snowy season! Fur wraps are being used for our beautiful brides to be and give a little elegant pop to a traditional look. Shawls as party favors for your guests can be a nice touch too!