Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is the process that allows a couple to style and design the wedding of their dreams in celebration of their love. With big plans comes lots of planning.

The best way to plan a wedding is with lots of time, patience, and of course, a little help.

A wedding planner is with you every step of the way to help define and execute how to plan a wedding covering everything on of your wedding checklist:

  • wedding pictures
  • wedding reception
  • wedding invitation wording
  • wedding favor ideas

Many small things could go unnoticed during wedding planning that weigh down the process but they won't with Avision's wedding planning.

An event planner adds the extra support and cover the tedious wedding plans and ideas and serves as your personal wedding advisor. Often, the smaller wedding events that go into an overall wedding celebration go unnoticed, like the bridal shower, the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.

Each of these wedding events require attention and time. Our event plannerstake our event planning jobs very seriously and make work to make it as enjoyable and simple as possible for you.

To learn more about our event planning services, stop by our showroom or give us a call to schedule your free wedding consultation with one of our professional wedding planners and how we can prepare your wedding.

Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is very important because it encompasses the look and feel of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

The Classic American Wedding has changed immensely through time. From traditional banquet halls to rustic barns, wedding venue ideas vary based on the size and style of the wedding. The endless options make the decision a very tough choice.

A wedding specialist helps narrow the options and uses their expertise to help you select the perfect wedding reception site.

A bride's dream wedding venue may be a faraway location where she'll celebrate with her friends and family at a destination wedding. Destination weddings are among the most unique weddings and require lots of attention to detail from a professional wedding planner who can find you the best destination wedding packages.

Wedding themes can also be a determining factor in selecting a venue. To realize the bride and groom’s wedding ideas, the feel and aesthetic of the venue aligning with their taste is important.

Call us at (631) 699-8151 Speak to one of our professional wedding planners to see the options in your area for the perfect wedding venue.

Bridal Shower

One of the best events leading up to the wedding day is celebrating the bride with a bridal shower. We plan this smaller scale event to be fun for the bride's close family and friends to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Normally, the bride’s wedding planner works closely with the bride to design and plan this event.

Wedding Dresses

A wedding dress' details are important. A long row of teensy pearl buttons, wedding veil and a well-placed ruffle or two can mean the difference between a good wedding dress and a great one.

A long, gorgeous wedding dress with a fancy hem is extremely desirable. Just remember: the top of wedding gowns are what people will notice most and what will show up in most wedding pictures.

The majority of trendy wedding dresses probably won't stand the test of time. Flip through your parents' wedding album for evidence of that.

White weddings never go out of style, wedding gowns should be timeless. We suggest beginning the process by reviewing brides magazines to find a style that best fits your personality.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors can double as souvenirs for your wedding. If you want a non-editable wedding party favor, there are endless choices from which you can pick.

Depending on where you’ll be saying “I do,” give wedding favors that your guests will find useful while they join you in your celebration. The colors of the wedding favors do not have to be exactly similar as those of the wedding decoration theme but they should at least complement it so they’ll look well-coordinated. Don't break the bank just to impress your guests with your wedding favors. Allocate more budget to wedding centerpieces.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts! And as long as your wedding favors are well-thought of and meaningful, they’ll surely be well-received by the most important people who witnessed your big day.

Wedding programs are often overlooked, make sure that your guest have an idea of what to expect during the course of your big day.

Wedding Invitations

Similar to choosing the perfect wedding dress, ordering invitations can cause bridal panic attacks. First impressions last forever, and wedding invitations set the tone and theme for the entire affair.

Keep an open mind about invitations, especially if you have no theme or color scheme. We find viewing product samples is the difference between liking an invitation and ordering an invitation. What's important in a wedding is to stick with a color theme, rather than stick to a design theme.

Narrow design themes can eliminate choices before you’ve even considered them, compare the prices of many vendors on wedding e-marketplaces and wedding websites to ensure they’re receiving reasonable deals. We recommend that brides stay away from adding photos of the couple to the wedding invitations. Photos of the couple, or of a landscape, are more appropriate for an engagement party or a save-the-date announcement.

We have found that bold-colored ribbons or colored rhinestone embellishments have negative effects on wedding invitations. These aspects can make invites appear "Sweet 16-ish," and no bride wants that look or a cheap wedding invitation.